Aceria ononidistrifolii (Nalepa, 1929)

on Fabaceae

Aceria trifolii: galls on Vicia hirsuta

Vicia hirsuta, Belgium, prov. Namur, Vierves-sur-Viroin; leg. Sébastien Carbonnelle © Gilles San Martin

Aceria trifolii: galls on Vicia hirsuta


Aceria trifolii gall

Trifolium hybridum, Amstelveen, Schinkelbos


the mite also causes a strong upwards and inwards rolling of the leaflets.

host plants

Fabaceae, oligophagous

Lens culinaris, nigricans; Medicago carstiensis, falcata; Ononis minutissima; Trifolium arvense, aureum, dubium, hybridum & subsp. elegans, medium, pratense, repens, spadiceum, striatum; Vicia hirsuta, tetrasperma


Aceria, Eriophyes, plicator trifolii Nalepa, 1929; Aceria, Eriophyes, Phytoptus trifolii.


An identical gall is caused by a phytoplasma; at least an inspection of the gall for the presence of gall mites is necessary.

Gall mites generally are strictly monophagous therefore the large variation in host plants and in type of gall quite remarkable.


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