Eriophyes pyri (Pagenstecher, 1857)

pearleaf blister mite

on Pyrus

Eriophyes pyri: galls on Pyrus communis

Pyrus communis, Roemenië, Bucharest; from Cean, Cean & Stǎnicǎ (2012a)

Eriophyes pyri: galls on Pyrus communis

another aspect

Eriophyes pyri galls

Pyrus communis, Dronten, 29.iv.2010 © Arnold Grosscurt

Eriophyes pyri gall

Sorbus aucuparia, Castricum

Eriophyes pyri gall

Sorbus aucuparia, Nunspeet, huize De Vennen: bovenzijde

Eriophyes pyri gall

the underside has an inconspicuous opening

Eriophyes pyri gall

tranverse section: the gall is loosely filled with a loose spongy parenchyma.

Eriophyes pyri gall


Eriophyes pyri: old galls on Sorbus aucuparia

Sorbus aucuparia, Huijbergen, Staartsche Duinen: old galls turn dry, becoming brown pocks

Eriophyes pyri: old galls on Sorbus aria

Sorbus aria, France, dépt. Lozère, Florac © Sébastien Carbonnelle: old galls

Eriophyes pyri: galls on Sorbus torminalis

Sorbus torminalis, France, dép. Dordogne, Le Breuil, 2.v.2019 © Arnold Grosscurt


the mites do not live on the leaf surface, but within the abnormally loose sponge parenchyma; they hibernate in the buds.

host plants

Rosaceae, oligophagous

Amelanchier ovalis; Cotoneaster dammeri, integerrimus, nummularius, tomentosus; Cydonia oblonga; ? Malus domestica; Mespilus germanica; Pyrus communis & subsp. pyraster, nivalis, regelii,, spinosa; Sorbus aria, aucuparia, chamaemespilus, domestica, graeca, intermedia, obtusifolia, rupicola, torminalis.

That the species would live also on Ribes odoratum (Roskam) is a mistake.


Epitrimerus, Eriophyes, Phytoptus pyri; Eriophyes, Phytoptus, sorbi (Canestrini, 1890); Eriophyes variolatus Nalepa, 1892; E. pyri var. variolata.


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