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Xenostrongylus histrio palaestinensis

“Xenostrongylus histrio palaestinensis” Amsel & Hering, 1931

Coleoptera, Nitidulidae

Matthiola sp., Palestine; from Amsel & Hering (1931a)


Initially a full depth corridor without frass. This is continued in an irregular blotch. The blotch is full depth, except for the centre, that therefore remains greenish. Here the larva retreats during feeding pauses, and most frass, fine black grains, is deposited here. Pupation external, in the ground.


Brassicaceae, monophagous



Larvae from March.


The form was described from Palestine in 1931 as Xenostrongylus ovulum palaestinensis; Hering (1957a) addressed it as Xenostrongylus histrio palaestinensis. But according to the Fauna Europaea (2010) Xenostrongylus ovulum (presently in Oxystrongylus), at least within Europe, does occur only in Spain, while Xenostrongylus histrio is a species from Madeira and the Selvagens. I have found no literature about the taxon palaestinensis Amsel & Hering.


Amsel & Hering (1931a), Hering (1957a).


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