Plant Parasites of Europe

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Aspidapion radiolus

Aspidapion radiolus (Marsham, 1902)

on Alcea, Althaea, Malva


Larvae and pupae in the pith of the stems, also in the thinnest branches. Records of beetles that have been reared from fruits probably concern larvae that have entered a receptacle from the peduncle.

host plants

Malvaceae, oligophagous

Alcea rosea; Althaea officinalis; Malva acerifolia, arborea, multiflora, neglecta, parviflora, pusilla, sylvestris, thuringiaca.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2019).


Apion radiolus.


On Madeira and the Canary Islands the subspecies A. radiolus chalybeipenne (Wollaston, 1854).


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