Temnocerus nanus (Paykull, 1792)

on Alnus, Betula, Salix


The adults perform window feeding at th underside the young leaves. Oviposition, usually one egg, in an egg chamber in a terminal leaf bud, that is closed with a wad. The top of the shoot then is partly cut off, providing the larva with the withering top of the shoot as food.

host plants

Betulaceae, Salicaceae, restricted polyphagous

Alnus; Betula; Salix caprea, cinerea, repens, viminalis.


Hibernation as mature larva in the soil.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2019).


Pselaphorhynchites nanus.


Dieckmann(1974a), Reinheimer & Hassler (2010a).

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