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Curculio glandium

Curculio glandium Marsham, 1802

acorn weevil

on oak

Curculio glandium

Haarlemmermeer, 23.v.2022 © Laurens van der Linde

Curculio spec. damage to acorns

Quercus robur, Dronten, IJslander, 20.ix.2019 © Arnold Grosscurt: two acorns infested by Curculio spec.

Curculio spec.: larva

Quercus robur, Zwolle.4.ix.2019 © Arnold Grosscurt: larva of Curculio spec.


Larvae in the acorns. After the summer they are fully fed and crawl into the soil, but wait up to three years before they pupate. Beetles feed on the leaves

host plants, larvae

Fagaceae, monophagous

Quercus cerris, faginea, ilex, petraea, pubescens, pyrenaica, robur, rotundifolia, suber.

? Also Corylus avellana (Betulaceae).

host plants, beetles


Reynoutria japonica.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2019).


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