Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi



As fas as known the larvae of all species bore in the catkins of poplars and willows. For the oviposition a hole is bitten by the female in a catkin that still is in the bud stage. Probably both male and female catkins are used, but there are indication of preferences in sone species. It is not clear whether infested (male) catkins are prematurely shed, neither whether female catkins are dropped. Mature larvae leave their catkin and pupate in the soil. The adult beetles appear the same summer, and feed on the foliage; they hibernate in litter or behind bark.
The number of larvae in a clump of trees may be so high that they become a prey for migratory birds (Leatherman).

Dorytomus oviposition

An adult on a poplar flower bud (from Leatherman).


Leatherman (2011a).

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