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leafminers, galls and fungi

Gymnetron villosulum

Gymnetron villosulum Gyllenhal, 1838

on Veronica

Gymnetron villosulum: young gall on Veronica catenata

Veronica catenata, Oegstgeest © Koen van Zoest: very young gall


Veronica beccabunga, Erlecom

galletjelarve in de gal

gall; larve in the -at that moment still thick-walled- gall

larve, lateraal

larva, lateral view

larve ventraal

larva, ventral view

kop dorsaalkop ventraal

head dorsal and ventral

kop lateraalabd end ventraal

head and thorax, lateral; end of abdomen, ventral

pop ventraal

some, by then thin-walled, galls contained pupae or beetles; pupa, ventral view


pupa, lateral and dorsal

host plants

Plantaginaceae, monophagous

Veronica anagallis-aquatica, anagalloides, beccabunga, catenata, scutellata.


Dorytomus, Mecinus, villosulus


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