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leafminers, galls and fungi

Rhinusa antirrhini

Rhinusa antirrhini Paykull, 1800

on Antirrhinum, Linaria, Microrrhinum, Misopathes

Rhinusa antirrhini

Linaria vulgaris, Dronten; © Arnold Grosscurt

pupa in the gall

two pupae


larvae in the galled and swollen fruits, pupation in the gall. The larvae have a dark-coloured head capsule, which distinguishes them from those of Rh. neta, that have a similar biology (Rheinheimer & Hassler)..

host plants

Plantaginaceae, oligophagpus

Antirrhinum majus; Linaria genistifolia & subsp. dalmatica, repens, vulgaris; Microrrhinum litorale, minus; Misopates orontium.

The occurrence on Antirrhinum is not confirmed by Rheinheimer & Hassler.


Gymnetron antirrhini; Mecinus noctis (Herbst, 1795).


In North America the species is employed in the biological control of Linaria vulgaris.


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