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Smicronyx swertiae

Smicronyx swertiae Voss, 1953

on Gentianella, Swertia

Smicronyx swertiae: stem gall in Gentianella germanica

Gentianella germanica, Belgium, prov Namur, Nismes, RN les Abannets © Stéphane Claerebout

Smicronyx swertiae: stem gall in Gentianella germanica



In Swertia a short-oval to fusiform, up to 6 mm long gall in the petiole or the lower part of the stem; in Gentianella a rotund, barrel shaped or fusiform, up to 8 mm long stem gall. Larvae from mid-June to early September. Pupation in the soil; emergence after 2-3 weeks.

host plants

Gentianaceae, monophagous

Gentianella ciliata, germanica; Swertia perennis.


Smicronyx seriepilosus: Buhr, 1952a.


The species is not mentioned in the Fauna Europa (2014), not in the synonymy either.


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Last modified 15.xi.2023