Bothynoderes affinis (Schrank, 1781)

on Amaranthaceae


spindle or sausage shaped swelling of the upper part of the root, several cm long and over half a cm thick. Inside one or more weevil larvae or their pupae.

host plants

Amaranthaceae, oligophagous

Amaranthus; Atripex calotheca, littoralis, patula, prostrata, rosea; Bassia; Beta vulgaris; Dysphania botrys; Chenopodiastrum hybridum; Chenopodium album, glaucum; Lipandra polysperma; Salsola kali.

In the laboratory adult beetles also accepted Fallopia convolvulus; Persicaria amphibia, but whether these are also host plants of the larvae is not certain.


Bothynoderes, Chromoderus, Mecaspis, fasciatus (Müller, 1776).


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