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Nanomimus hemisphaericus

Nanomimus hemisphaericus (Olivier, 1907)

on Lythrum

Nanomimus cf hemisphaericus on Lythrum hyssopifolia

Lythrum hyssopifolia, France, dép. Loire-Atlantique, Prinquiau, 22.viii.2023 © Armand Lamberdière (not confirmed by breeding)

Nanomimus cf hemisphaericus on Lythrum hyssopifolia



Spindle-shaped or more globular usually lateral, unilocular fleshy swelling at the basal part of a stem; higher section of the stem often inhibited. Larva a legless, curved weevil larva. One tot three larvae in a gall (Benedikt ao).

host plants

Lythraceae, narrowly monophagous

Lythrum hyssopifolia, tribracteatum.

References to L. salicaria are not correct, according to Rheinheimer & Hassler.


Nanophyes hemisphaericus.


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