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Aphanisticus elongatus

Aphanisticus elongatus Villa & Villa, 1835

on Carex, Schoenus


Oviposition usually on the leaf sheath, rarely on the limb. Oviposition site covered by an elongated, shining drop of dried secretion. From there a narrow, winding corridor of 12-50 cm long descends, turning upwards briefly to end in a pupal chamber. Corridor for most of its length fairly deep in the plant tissue (Rennwald & Rennwald, 2002a; Niehuis, 2004a).

host plants

Cyperaceae, oligophagous

Carex (Vignea) cuprina, divulsa, muricata; Schoenus nigricans.


Larvae in April-May and July-August (Hering, 1957a)


BE (Rennwald & Rennwald, 2002a; Niehuis, 2004a).

NE Not recorded (Vorst, 2009a) despite statements to the contrary by Rennwald & Rennwald (2002a), Niehuis (2004a) and Fauna Europaea (2010).

LUX (Rennwald & Rennwald, 2002a; Niehuis, 2004a).

distribution within Europe

UK, South, Central and East Europe


Oviposition on those parts of the stem that are exposed to the sun (Bilý, 2002a).


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