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Agromyza nana

Agromyza nana Meigen, 1830

Agromyza nana: mines on Medicago sativa

Medicago sativa, Hongarije, Mosonmagyaróvár, 18.iv.2915 © László Érsek

Agromyza nana: mine on Medicago sativa


Agromyza nana: mines on Medicago sativa

opened mine

Agromyza nana: larva


Agromyza nana: mine on Trifolium pratense

Trifolium pratense, Hungary, Mosonmagyaróvár, 9.v.2014 © László Érsek

Agromyza nana: mines on Trifolium pratense


Agromyza nana: occupied mine on Trifolium repens

Trifolium repens, Flevoland, Reve-Abbertbos © Hans Jonkman; occupied mine

Agromyza nana: occupied mine on Trifolium repens

mine with resting larva

Agromyza nana empty mines

Trifolium repens, Beuningen: two vacated mines

Agromyza nana with larva; mine on Medicago lupulina

Medicago lupulina, Nieuwendam: mine with the characteristically squat larva

Agromyza nana: mine on Medicago sativa

Medicago sativa, België, prov. Luik, Flémalle-Haute ©
Jean-Yves Baugnée

Medicago sativa, Belgium, prov. Liège, Flémalle-Haute © Jean-Yves Baugnée

Agromyza nana: mine on Melilotus cf officinalis

Melilotus cf officinalis, Amsterdam Noord, JH Vliegenbos: mine with pupa of parasitoid


Broad and short hook-like upper-surface corridor, ending in a blotch in the centre of a leaflet. The blotch is upper-surface as well, but has some deep spots, giving the mine a mottled appearance when hold against the light. Frass in the blotch in a few large lumps. Pupation outside the mine.

host plants

Fabaceae, oligophagous

Anthyllis; Lotus ornithopodioides; Medicago falcata, lupulina, minima, polymorpha, sativa, truncatula, varia; Melilotus albus, altissimus, messanensis, officinalis; Onobrychis viciifolia; Securigera varia, securidacea; Trifolium alpestre, campestre, fragiferum, hybridum, incarnatum, medium, montanum, ochroleucon, pratense, repens, stellatum; Trigonella; Vicia cracca, dumetorum, hirsuta, sativa, sylvatica.

The reference to Oxalis by Benavent ao (2004a) and Gil Ortiz (2009a) must be a mistake – in the vegetative state confusion with Trifolium can be imagined. Also some old references to Genista are not very probable.


Larvae from June to October (Hering, 1957a).


BE recorded (Scheirs, De Bruyn & von Tschirnhaus, 1996a).

NE recorded (de Meijere, 1924a, 1939a).

LUX recorded (Ellis: Kautenbach).

distribution within Europe

Entire Europe west of the line North Cape – Ukraine (Fauna Europaea, 2007).



Domomyza nana; Agromyza medicaginis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1851; A. trifolii Kaltenbach, 1872; A. anthracipes (Rondani, 1875); A. brevinervis (Rondani, 1875).

parasitoids, predators

Diglyphus isaea; Pnigalio soemius.


The full-grown larva remains without feeding for one or two days in the centre of the mine, before leaving it for pupation (Spencer, 1976a).

Very occasionally a pest on clover and alfalfa (Darvas, Skuhravá & Andersen, 2000a: Spencer, 1973b).

The mine can easily be confused with the one of the much rarer Parectopa ononidis; see there for differentiating characters.


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