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Agromyza nigrella

Agromyza nigrella (Rondani, 1875)


corridor, usually several in one leaf, running from close to the leaf base up to near the tip, then reversing direction and widening, resulting in one communal mine in which the larvae descend in a common front (Hering, 1957a). Frass somewhat deliquescent, mine therefore strikingly green. Pupation outside the mine. Neither mine nor larva distinguishable from the one of A. mobilis.


Poaceae, oligophagous

Alopecurus pratensis; Arrhenatherum elatius; Avena; Avenula; Briza; Bromopsis ramosa; Calamagrostis; Dactylis; Festuca; Glyceria; Holcus; Hordeum; Lolium; Milium effusum; Phalaris; Phleum; Poa; Secale; Setaria; Trisetum; Triticum.

Because of confusion with A. mobilis this list is not reliable. In particular records fom Hordeum, Secale and Triticum may well refer to A. mobilis.


Larvae in one generation, in July (Hering, 1957a).


BE not recorded (Fauna Europaea, 2007).

NE not recorded (Beuk, 200a; Fauna Europaea, 2007).

LUX not recorded (Fauna Europaea, 2007).

distribution within Europe

From Scandinavia to France, Italy and Serbia, and from the UK to the Baltic States and Slovakia (Fauna Europaea, 2007a) also Japan (Sasakawa, 2005a)..



illustr: d’Aguilar, Chambon & Touber (1976a).


Agromyza abbreviata Malloch, 1913; A. barberi Frick, 1952.


A minor pest on cereals, mainly wheat (d’Aguilar, Chambon & Touber, 1976a; Darvas, Skuhravá & Andersen, 2000a).

Contrary to Hering’s observations, Darvas, Skuhravá & Andersen (2000a) write that oviposition is near the leaf tip, and that the mine descends continuously from its start on.


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