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Agromyza oryzae

Agromyza oryzae (Munakata, 1910)

on Oryza, Zizania

Agromyza oryzae: mine

mine (from Sasakawa, 1971a)


The first part of the mine is a 6-11 mm long gallery that usually starts in the top of the leaf. Descending towards the leaf base the gallery widens, in the end occupying the full width of the leaf. Secondary feeding lines are present. Frass in gradually larger granules. Generally one mine per leaf. Pupation external, but most of the times the puparium sticks on the leaf on only 2-6 mm from the exit slit.


Poaceae, Oryzeae, oligophagous

Oryza sativa; Zizania latifolia.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2018).


Mandible with 5 teeth. Rear spriraculum normal, with three not remarkably enlarge papillae, but the anterior spiraculum has been modified into an unstalked cribrate sieve.

Agromyza oryzae: cephalic skeleton
Agromyza oryzae: anterior spiraculum

cephalic skeleton and anterior spiraculum


Agromyza oryzae: winter and summer type puparia

The species hibernates as puparium. The overwintering puparia (top) have a different appearance than the summer puparia.


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