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leafminers, galls and fungi

Agromyza phragmitidis

Agromyza phragmitidis Hendel, 1922


Phragmites australis, Ommen


Phragmites australis, kanaal Almelo-Nordhorn


A number of eggs are deposited in a transverse row, not far from the leaf margin. The larvae that emerge start to make an individual corridor in the direction of the leaf tip. The corridors quickly widen and merge into one communal, upper-surface, mine. Frass powdery (the larvae are somewhat green-dusty). Pupation as a rule outside the mine


Poaceae, monophagous

Phragmites australis.


Larvae in June and September (Hering, 1957a).


BE recorded (Scheirs & De Bruyn, 1992a).

NE recorded (de Meijere, 1924a).

LUX not recorded (Fauna Europaea, 2007).

distribution within Europe

From Scandinavia to France, and from Ireland to the Baltic States and Hungary (Fauna Europaea, 2007); Corsica (Buhr, 1941b).




The commonest miner on Common Reed.


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