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Agromyza pseudoreptans larva

Agromyza pseudoreptans


Urtica dioica, Kaaistoep


Urtica dioica, Grebbeberg, Kaaistoep: “head” and rear end


Urtica dioica, Kaaistoep, Grebbeberg: mandible and detail of the unusually heavy spinulation


Urtica dioica, Grebbeberg: mouth field, and detail of the “upper lip”, in lateral view; remarkable is a median bundle of fine, elongated papillae


Urtica dioica, Kaaistoep:front spiracula and anal field


Urtica dioica, Kaaistoep: rear spiracula lateral and dorsal; the fan-shaped setae are vaguely visible


Urtica dioica, Kaaistoep: rear end from above, to show the “broad hips”

The description by de Meijere (1925a) of reptans probably refers to pseudoreptans.

Mandibles of equal size (i.e., not alternating), each with 2 teeth. Rear spiracula with some broad, flattened and fan-like split setae. The anterior arm of the cephalic skeleton is unicolorous brown-black (Dempewolf, 2001a).

Dempewolf (2001a) found that the specialised setae on the rear spiraclum not only occur in A. pseudoreptans, as was stated by Nowakowski (1964a), but also in the two other Agromyza’s on Nettle. (Perhaps they are easily lost during the making of a micriscopic preparation.)


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