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Melanagromyza cuscutae

Melanagromyza cuscutae Hering, 1958

on Cuscuta


In Cuscuta campestris the larvae live as borers in the stems, and cause galling (not described). In C. europaea and lupuliformis they live in the inflorescence and feed on the fruits.


Convolvulceae, monophagous

Cuscuta campestris, europaea, lupuliformis.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2018).


Dark brown, sometimes lighter. Rear spricula on a elevated base, separated by about the own diameter, with 15-19 somewhat irregularly arranged papillae around a black central spine, that is this species mostly is reduced to a scar.
Melanagromyza cuscutae: details of puparium

details of the puparium: a,mandible; b,anterior spiraculum; c,posterior spiraculum, d,spinulation (from Hering, 1958b).


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