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Melanagromyza verbasci

Melanagromyza verbasci Spencer, 1957

on Verbascum


The larva tunnels a long gallery in the pith of the stem. Pupation on the stem.


Scrophulariaceae, monophagous

Verbascum nigrum, thapsus, phlomoides.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2018).

Achterspiracula zwak gechitiniseerd, lichtbruin, elkaar rakend, voorzien van een centrale sterk gechitiniseerde stekel, omgeven door 12-14 slordig gerangschikte papillen.


Rear spiracula weakly chitinised, light brown, touching each other, bearing a central strongly chitinised spine, surrounded by 12-14 irregulary arranged papillae.
Melanagromyza verbasci: posterior spiracula

rear spiracula (from Spencer, 1957d)


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