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Ophiomyia cunctata larva

Ophiomyia cunctata


Lapsana communis, Bemelen: “head” and mandibles


front and rear spiraculum, lateral

Ophiomyia cunctata larvaOphiomyia cunctata larva

Taraxacum officinale, Helenaveen, ‘t Zinkske: front and rear spiracula, dorsal

Ophiomyia cunctata larva

mouth field

The larva is described by de Meijer (1925a:252 as Dizygomyza spec. and 1934a). Spiracula: front spiraculum a broad curved horn with ca. 12 papillae; rear spiraculum with 8-9 papillae. Mandibles alternating, with 2 black teeth, the frontal one the largest, with a serrate rear margin.


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