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Ophiomyia stenophaga

Ophiomyia stenophaga Pakalniškis, 1998

on Campanula


The larva makes a, hardly visible, up to a meter long, linear mine in the bark of the stem. The mine starts in the top, is then very narrow, and descends gradually broadening down to close to the root collar. The puparium is formed externally.


Campanulaceae, monofaag

Campanula latifolia, trachelium.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2018).


Shining black; rear spiraculum with 15-17 papillae.


The 22 larvae that were found on Campanula trachelium all were dead; perhaps not the correct host plant?


Pakalniškis (1998c), Papp & Černý (2015a).

Last modified 14.iii.2018