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Amauromyza fraxini

Amauromyza fraxini (Beiger, 1980)

on Fraxinus

Amauromyza fraxini: mine on Fraxinus angustifolia

Fraxinus angustifolia, Hungary, Budapest, 4.viii.2019 © László Érsek

Amauromyza fraxini: mine on Fraxinus angustifolia

parth of the mine, lighted from behind, showing the frass pattern

Amauromyza fraxini: mine on Fraxinus angustifolia

unfinished mine

Amauromyza fraxini: mine on Fraxinus angustifolia

vacated mine with upper-surface semicircular exit slit

Amauromyza fraxini: larva

larva in the mine

Amauromyza fraxini: larva


Amauromyza fraxini mines

Fraxinus angustifolia subsp. oxycarpa, Moldova; from Hering (1932g)

Amauromyza fraxini: mines on Fraxinus cf. angustifolia

Fraxinus cf. angustifolia, Bulgaria, Varna, 30.viii.2014 © Stéphane Claerebout

Amauromyza fraxini: mine


Amauromyza fraxini: mine, lighted from behind

same mine, lighted from behind

Amauromyza fraxini: mine with exit slit

mine with exit slit


Fine, not too tortuous, upper-surface, quickly widening gallery. Frass as small rods regularly at either side. Pupation external (picture above).


Oleaceae, monophagous

Fraxinus angustifolia subsp. oxycarpa (= “F. pannonica”), pallisiae.

Hering (1932g) attributes the mine to F. excelsior, but his picture shows that the leaflets have as many thoothlets as lateral veins, which indicates angustifolia.


Larvae until August (Hering, 1957a), but Skuhravá & Roques (2000a) report adults in April.

distribution within Europe

Moldova and Bulgaria (Fauna Europaea, 2010); mentioned by Hering (1960a) from Romania, and found by Süss (1999a) in Sicily; France (Reymonet & Ellis, 2019a).


Posterior spiraculum with three papillae; mandible with two teeth, the distal one on the longest, right mandible quite long, reminding a Liriomyza (Hering, 1960a). See also Papp & Černý.


Aulagromyza, Paraphytomyza fraxini.


Until the description of the adult by Beiger known only as mine.


Hering (1932g, 1957a, 1960a), Papp & Černý (2016a), Reymonet & Ellis (2019a), Skuhravá & Roques (2000a), Süss (1999a).

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