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Calycomyza artemisiae

Calycomyza artemisiae (Kaltenbach, 1856)

Calycomyza artemisiae: mine on Artemisia vulgaris

Artemisia vulgaris, Nieuwendam

Calycomyza artemisiae: mine on Eupatorium cannabinum

Eupatorium cannabinum, Flevoland, Reve-Abbertbos © Hans Jonkman


A characteristically pale whitish, usually upper-surface, primary blotch. THere is an initial corridor, but traces of it are almost always overrun by the later blotch. The mine is quite opaque; only by opening it can it be ascertained if the mine still is occupied. No feeding lines are apparent. Unlike other blotch mines that may occur here, Calycomyza mines are totally flat. Pupation outside the mine.

host plants

Asteraceae, oligophagous

Achillea; Artemisia absinthium, vulgaris; Eupatorium cannabinum, chinense.

Artemisia is the most important hostplant.


Mines quite common from mid June till autumn.


BE recorded (De Bruyn & von Tschirnhaus, 1991a).

NE recorded (de Meijere, 1924a, 1939a).

LUX recorded (Ellis, several localities).

distribution within Europe

From Scandinavia to the Iberian Peninsula and Italy, and from the UK to the Baltic States and Hungary (Fauna Europaea, 2007); also Bulgaria (Buhr, 1941b).


Dizygomyza, Phytobia artemisiae; Agromyza atripes Zetterstedt, 1860; Calycomyza marcida Spencer, 1969.


Buhr (1964a) writes that in Germany a large fraction of the mines on Eupatorium are lower-surface. This applies to the Netherlands as well. Also the Eupatorium mines are generally larger, probably because the leaves in this plant are thinner than in Artemisia.


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