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Cerodontha caricivora larva

Cerodontha caricivora

Cerodontha caricivora larva

Carex sylvatica, Germany, Oberbayern, Schöngeising a.d. Amper (from Hering, 1955a); a : cephalic skeleton; b : frontal region of head; c : frontal spiraculum; d : rear spiraculum; e : part of the spinulation of the first abdominal segment, lateral; scale line is 0.1 mm.

The larva is also described by Nowakowski (1973a). Rear spiracula at their base each with a large black wart with a deep “root”; the warts are clearly separated from each other. The surface of the wart of covered by a moderately fine spinulation. Rear spircula with three claw-like papillae.

The larva that is described under this name by Beri (1971b) has nothing to do with this species.


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