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Cerodontha unisetiorbita

Cerodontha unisetiorbita Zlobin, 1992

on Fargesia, Phyllostachys

Cerodontha unisetiorbita: mine on Fargesia spec.

Fargesia spec., Germany, Niedersachsen, Bad Zwischenahn, 9.xi.2020 © Thomas Brand

Cerodontha unisetiorbita: larva



Broad, upper surface blotch.

host plants

Poaceae, monophagous

Fargesia; Phyllostachys atrovaginata, aureosulcata, “mitis”, nuda, parvifolia.

distribution within Europe

The species has been described in Japan. After the first records from Italy the species is known now also from Switzerland, Czechia, Germany and the UK.


pictures given by Černý & Roháček (2015a).


member of the subgenus Poemyza.


Černý & Roháček (2015a), Heckford (2017a), Papp & Černý (2016a), Süss (2001a).

Last modified 14.xi.2020