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Liriomyza angulicornis

Liriomyza angulicornis (Malloch, 1918)


Narrow corridor, spiralling around the leaves. Often part of the corridor in the deeper layers of the leaf. Frass in strings. Pupation generally within the mine.


Juncaginaceae, monophagous

Triglochin maritima.


Larvae in July-August (Hering, 1957a).


Not known from the Benelux-countries. Because the species has been found in the Wadden area near Kiel (von Tschirnhaus, 1981a), the species is to be expected in the Netherlands.

distribution within Europe

From Scandinavia tot Germany, and from the UK to Poland.


Liromyza angularis Hendel, 1920; L. triglochinae Hendel, 1931.


Until the study by von Tschirnhaus (1981a) of the minerr fauna of the German Wadden coast it as assumed that only one Liriomyza species was living on Triglochin maritimum and palustre, viz. L. triglochinae ( recently rebaptised into L. angulicornis). Von Tschirnhaus discovered that on T. maritimum two Liriomyza‘s co-occur, sometimes even in the same mine: : L. angulicornis and L. latipalpis Hendel. Which of the two is living in T. palustre remains to be studied.


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