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Liriomyza bryoniae larva

Liriomyza bryoniae: larva

Solanum nigrum, Holterberg


cephalic skeleton and detail of the mandibles


mouth field and front spiraculum


rear spircula dorsal and lateral

Liriomyza bryoniae larva

Verbena hybrida, Germany, Rostock; from Hering (1954a); a : cephalic skeleton; b : frontal region of head; c : frontal spiraculum; d : rear spiraculum; e : part of the spinulation of the first abdominal segment, lateral; scale line is 0.1 mm.

Dempewolf (2001a) gives a detailed description of the larva. Front spiraculum with 7-9, rear spirculum with 7-12 papillae, arranged in an ellipse; mandibles strongly alternating, with 2 teeth. Contrary to L. trifolii only the anterior part of the living larva is coloured yellow (Minkenberg & van Lenteren; Collins).


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