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Liriomyza bulgarica

Liriomyza bulgarica Beiger, 1979

on Sonchus

Liriomyza bulgarica: mine

mine (from Ostrauskas, Pakalniškis & Taluntytė)


Initially a corridor on top of the midrib, later widened into an elongated blotch with many, irregular side branches that are not strongly determined by the leaf venation. The mine invariably contains several larvae. Fras in irregular grains and strings. Pupation outside the mine. Contrary to L. strigata the mine is not preceded by a narrow lower-surface corridor.


Asteraceae, monophagous

Sonchus arvensis, asper, oleraceus.


Larvae in June.

distribution within Europe

Lithuania, Bulgaria (Fauna Europaea, 2009).


Yellowish, 2.6 mm; mandibles two-teethed, alternating; both front and rear spiracula globular with 13 and 19 pupillae, respectively.


Ochreous-yellow with brown spiracula, 2.3 mm long, distinctly segmented; rear spiracula each on a cone-shaped base.


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