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Liriomyza nietzkei larva

Liriomyza nietzkei

Liriomyza cepae larva

Allium cepa, from Hering (1957b), front and rear spiraculum (c, d) of L cepae (x) and, for comparision, L. nietzkei (y), both from Germany, Oggersheim bei Ludwigshafen and Herxheim bei Landau, respectively; scale line 0.1 mm

Liriomyza nietzkei larva

Allium senescens, Germany, from Hering (1957b); probably this also concerns L. nietzkei

The larva is also described by Spencer (1973b) and Martinez (1982a). Front spiraculum with 9-13, rear spiraculum with 14-15 papillae.


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