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Liriomyza wachtlii larva

Liriomyza wachtlii

Liriomyza wachtlii larva

Veratrum album, Germany, Oberbayern, Schongau-Hohenpeissenberg, from Hering (1955a, as L. veratri); a : cephalic skeleton; b : frontal region of head; c : frontal spiraculum; d : rear spiraculum; e : part of the spinulation of the first abdominal segment, lateral; scale line is 0.1 mm.

Described by Hering (1955a) and Dempewolf (2001a). Mandibles strongly alternating, with two teeth, the anterior much larger than the posterior one. Rear spiraculum with c. 20 papillae in an incomplete ellipse.


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