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Phytomyza aposeridis

Phytomyza aposeridis Groschke, 1957

Diptera, Agromyzidae


Initially a very fine, upper- or lower-surface corridor. It comntinues in an exceptionally long, finally rather broad, upper-surface corridor. The corridor can be branched; the sides are irregularly scalloped. Often the corridor follows the leaf margin for some distance. Frass in tiny, scarce, very widely spaced grains. Pupation outside the mine; exit slit in upper epidermis.


Asteraceae, monophagous

Aposeris foetida.


Larvae in July.

distribution within Europe

Described from southern Germany; recorded from Slovenia by Maček (1999a).


Black, segment limits unclear. Anterior spiracula on short horns, indistinctly bifid, with 16-18 papillae. Posterior spiracula widely separated on a common base, indistinctly bifid, with 25-30 papillae (Groschke, 1957a).


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