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Phytomyza archangelicae larva


Angelica sylvestris, ‘t Twiske


cephalic skeleton, rear end


front and rear spiraculum


mandibles, rear spiraculum (same specimen, different angle)

Phytomyza archangelicae larva

Angelica archangelica, Sweden, Abisko; from Hering (1955a, als Ph. nilssoni); a : cephalic skeleton; b : frontal region of head; c : frontal spiraculum; d : rear spiraculum; e : part of the spinulation of the first abdominal segment, lateral; scale line is 0.1 mm.

The larva is described by de Meijere (1937a), Hering (1955a, as nilssoni), and Griffiths (1973c). Note the black upper rear arm of the cephalic skeleton.

De Meijere describes the mandibles as having 4 teeth, but Griffiths speaks of 2 teeth. Probably de Meijere was confused by the alternation of the mandibles (that happen to be quite small in this species).

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