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Phytomyza clematidicaulis

Phytomyza clematidicaulis Hering, 1958

on Clematis


The bright yellow larva makes a ± 6 cm long, sometimes branched, gallery in the green bark of the stem, initially recognisable as a black line, later whitish. Pupation external.


Ranu8nculaceae, monophagpous

Clematis recta.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2018).


THe larva is described by Hering. Surprisingly, the part of the trachee-system just below the spiraculum, the so-called atrium is strongly widened.
Phytpmyza clematidicaulis: spiracula

different aspects of the anterior (top) and posterior spiracula with their enlarged atria (“AT”; from Hering (1958a).


Phytomyza clematicaulis (misspelling in [PESI, 2018]).


Černý (2004a), Hering (1958a), Nowakowski (1958a), Spencer (1990a).

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