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Phytomyza ferulae scaligeriae

Phytomyza ferulae scaligeriae Hering, 1967


Usually an upper-surface gallery, very narrow at first, rather wide in the end. The start is rather twisted, with several dead ends. Frass in gradually larger grains, rarely in strings. Pupation almost invariably external, exit slit in the upper epidermis.

host plants

Apiaceae, monophagous

Scaligeria napiformis.

distribution within Europe

Croatia (island Hvar); mines, probably belonging to the same taxon, have also been found in Rhodos (Hering, 1967a).


Mandibles with two teeth, strongly alternating. The upper rear arm of the cephalic skeleton more than twice as long as the lower one. Anterior and posterior spiraculum both clearly two-armed, with 10-12 and 19-22 papillae, respectively.


The status of this subspecies is not clear; it seems to have been forgotten in the Fauna Europaea (2010).


Hering (1967a), Spencer (1990a).

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