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Phytomyza glechomae

Phytomyza glechomae Kaltenbach, 1862

Phytomyza glechomae: vacated mine on Glechoma hederacea

Glechoma hederacea, Dronten, Roggebotbos © Hans Jonkman


Glechoma hederacea, Duin- en Kruidberg


The mine begins as a narrow corridor, with the fraa in fine grains along the sides. In the next section the corridor is much wider and more closely wound, forming a secondary blotch; the frass now forms pearl chains. In the final section the corridor is again narrower, rather straight and especially interparenchymatous, greenish when lighted from behind. Pupation outside the mine, but the puparium often sticks to the leaf.


Lamiaceae, monophagous

Glechoma hederacea.


Two generations, in May-June and August-September (Hering, 1957a).


BE recorded (De Bruyn & von Tschirnhaus, 1991a).

NE recorded (de Meijere, 1924a).

LUX not recorded (Fauna Europaea, 2008).

distribution within Europe

From Scandinavia and Finland to the Pyrenees, Italy and Hungary, and from Ireland to the Baltic States and Slovakia (Fauna Europaea, 2008); also Slovenia (Maček, 1999a).




Napomyza glechomae; N. piceipes van der Wulp, 1871.

parasitoids, predators

Chrysocharis viridis; Miscogaster maculata.


In most years a quite common species, but sometimes almost impossible to find.


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