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Phytomyza krygeri

Phytomyza krygeri Hering, 1949

on Aquilegia

Phytomyza krygeri: feeding trace on Aquilegia cult.

Aquilegia cult., UK, Norfolk, Downham Market, 5.vii.2018 © Rob Edmunds

Phytomyza krygeri: feeding trace on Aquileia fruit

infected mericarps (here with exit hole) turn brown prematurely.

Phytomyza krygeri: puparium

puparium dorsal

Phytomyza krygeri: puparium

puparium ventrolateral

Phytomyza krygeri: feeding trace

damaged seeds next to undamaged ripe ones

Phytomyza krygeri larva in Aquilegia fruit

Aquilegia vulgaris, Oostelijk Denemarken © Simon Haarder: larva in an opened fruit

Phytomyza krygeri larva



The larvae live in the fruits, feeding on the seeds; there also the blackish brown puparia.

host plants

Ranunculaceae, monophagous

Aquilegia vulgaris.


Possibly conspecific with Phytomyza franzii; if this synonymy is confirmed, franzi would be the valid name. But see also Ph. thalictri


Described by Dempewolf.


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