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Phytomyza palionisi

Phytomyza palionisi Pakalniškis, 1998

on Ranunculus

Phytomyzia palionisi: mine on Ranunculus cassibicus

mine (from Pakalniškis (1998b)


Very irregular, eventually rahter broad upper-surface corridor. Frass grains in indistinct groups, not clearly in two rows. Pupation within the mine; the puparium touches the lower epidermis.


Ranunculaceae, narrowly monophagous

Ranunculus cassubicus.


Larvae and puparia were seen in early August.

distribution within Europe

Lithuania (Fauna Europaea, 2010).


Phytomyza palionisi: posterior spiracula

Brown, spiracula black. The drawing (from Pakalniškis, 1998b) shows the rear spiracula: they are placed on top of two remarkably high conical bases, that touch each other at their base. Each spiraculum is asymmetrically two-armed, one of the arms projecting like a spine.


Pakalniškis (1998b, 2004a).

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