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Strobilomyia laricicola

Strobilomyia laricicola (Karl, 1828)

on Larix


Oviposition, mostly a single egg, generally on a needle at the base of an then still very young cone. The emerging larve first consumes the seeds at the base of a cone scale, then starts a spirally trajectory af about three loops around the cone axis, eating all seeds it encounters. When almost fully fed it makes a tunnel in length of the axis, leaves the axis, eats a bit more, then leaves the cone and drops to the ground where a puparium is made in de litter under the tree. There is one generation. Not a word about galling of the cone.


Pinaceae, monophagous

Larix decidua, gmelinii, kaempferi, sibirica.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2018).


Lasiomma, Phorbia, laricicola.


Strobilomyia laricicola: cephalic skeleton

cephalic skeleton of the 3rd instar larva (from Roques ao, 1984a)


Mainly a species of altitudes above 1400 m. Considered a pest in forestry, but until 1965 often confused with other species of the genus.


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