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Strobilomyia melania

Strobilomyia melania (Ackland, 1965)

on Larix


The larva feeds on the seeds in the cone. The general image of the infestation strongly resembles the one of Strobilomyia laricicola. However, the egg generally is deposited on a scale in the middle section of the cone, and there is no phase in the larval life when a lengthwise tunnel is bored in the axis of the cone.

host plants

Pinaceae, onophagous

Larix decidua.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2018).


Strobilomyia melania: cephalix skeleton

cephalic skeleton of the 3rd instar larve (from Roques ao, 1984a)

The description of the larva and puparium of S. laricicola by Dušek probably applies S. melania.


Lasiomma melania.


Contrary to S. laricicola mainly a species of low altitudes.


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