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Lipara pullitarsis

Lipara pullitarsis Doskočil & Chvála, 1971

on Phragmites

Lipara pullitarsis larva in Phragmites australis

Phragmites australis, Denmark © Simon Haarder: larva above the growing point (far right), between the leaf sheaths

Lipara pullitarsis: larva

Phragmites australis, Belgium, prov. Hainaut, Hérinnes, Coupure de Léaucourt © Stéphane Claerebout

Lipara pullitarsis: larva, mandibles


Lipara pullitarsis: larva, rear spiracula

rear spiracula

Lipara pullitarsis: undamaged growing point under the gall

stem, after removal of the leaves, with intact growing point


The topmost 2-4 internodes are completely shortened, their leaf sheaths are thickened. The solitary, white, larva lies between the leaf sheaths above the vegetation point. (This is contrary to L. lucens and rufitarsis, where the larva has bored itself down through the growing point to live in the very tip of the stem). The maximal thickness of the gall is less than twice the thickness of the stem just below.


Poaceae, monophagous

Phragmites australis.


All stages from egg to puparium are described and illustrated by Grochowska (2006b).


Cryptonevra flavitarsis; Oscinella angustipennis.

parasitoids, predators

? Callitula bicolor; Merismus nitidus.


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