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Scaptomyza flava larva

Scaptomyza flava

Scaptomyza flava larva

Brassica rapa, Amsterdam

front spiraculum in doral and lateral view

Pisum sativum, Castricum; cephalic skeleton and rear end (dorsal view)

rear spiracula dorsal; one spiraculum in lateral view (two of the three elliptic papillae are visible)

mandible and mouth field

Larva slender with a characteristic rear end. Rear spircula light in colour (those of Sc. graminum are brown) and more acutely pointed (Máca, 1972a); see also Hendel !928a).

According to Máca (1972a) there also is a difference between S. flava and graminum in the shape of the rear spiraculum, as appears in this illustration, derived from this publication


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