Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi


Tephritidae (Trypetidae)

Fruit flies

The adult flies are easily recognisable by their attractively decorated wings, green eyes and the formidable ovipositor of the females. All larvae are phytophagous. Some develop in fruits and berries (and for that reason may be pest species.) A small number lives as miner, or live in galled stems. Most species develop in the flower heads of Asteraceae, sometimes simply living between the florets, but also complicated galls may develop, also in the receptacle.

The shape of the cephalic skeleton of the larva is quite characteristic by the forward-pointing hook of the upper rear arm.

Acidia cognata: cephalic skeleton

Acidia cognata: cephalic skeleton

The anterior spiraculum is broadened like a comb.

Trypeta zoe larvs

Trypeta zoe: front spiraculum


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