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Tephritis vespertina

Tephritis vespertina (Löw, 1844)

on Hypochaeris

Tephritis vespertina: galled flower of Hypochaeris radicata

Hypochaeris radicata, Denmark © Simon Haarder: “galled” flower head

Tephritis vespertina: larva, puparium

larva and two puparia

Tephritis vespertina: imago

reared adult

Tephritis vespertina: galls on Hypochaeris radicata

Hypochaeris radicata, Bergen NH, Uilenvanger; identification confirmed by breeding


The capitula contain a white larva or (the remnants of) a black puparium.



Hypochaeris radicata.


According to Smit two more species of Tephritidae have been reared from cat’s ear. Identification on the gall alone therefore probably is not reliable.


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