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Trypeta artemisiae larva

Trypeta artemisiae

Trypeta artemisiae larva

Artemisia vulgaris, Nieuwendam: young larva, resting in the centre of the kine, deep in a fold over the midrib; older larvae do no longer fit in there.

Trypeta artemisiae larva

Artemisia vulgaris, Gortelsche Berg

Artemisia vulgaris, Nieuwendam: cephalopharyngeal skeleton, and rear spiracula (cleared). Characteristic for all tephrytid larvae is a frontal “spine” on the upper rear arm of the cephalic skeleton.

twice the mandible (right cleared); except the two-teethed mandible itself one sees a pale brown serrate sclerite that probably is connected by a ligament to the mandible.

twice the mouth field, to show the relation between the mandible and the serrate sclerite

antennae and maxillary palps, and front spiraculum


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