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Asphondylia menthae

Asphondylia menthae Kieffer, 1902

on Mentha

Asphondylia menthae: gall on Mentha spec.

Mentha spec., Poland, Warsaw © Sébastien Carbonnelle: galled calyces

Asphondylia menthae: gall on Mentha spec.

opened gall

Asphondylia menthae: pupa



The flower buds are malformed and remain closed. Inner wall lined with mycelium. Larva solitary, ochreous yellow – orange, pupates within the gall.

host plants

Lamiaceae, monophagous

Mentha aquatica, arvensis, x gentilis, longifolia, pulegium, x rotundifolia, spicata, suaveolens, x verticillata.


Gisonobasis, Asphondylia, ignorata Rübsaamen, 1916.


Asphondylia menthae: head of pupa

The head of the pupa of Gisonobasis ignorata, from Rübsaamen (1916b). Rübsaamen based this species partly on the strong reduction of the frontal horns. If indeed the synonymy with menthae is correct, the photo of the pupa above seems to contradict this.


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