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Asphondylia ononidis

Asphondylia ononidis Löw, 1873

on Ononis

Asphondylia ononidis galls

Ononis repens, Belgium, prov. Namur, Saint-Servais, carrière d’Asty-Moulin © Jean-Yves Baugnée


The larvae of the first generation in the swollen petiole; those of the second generation the swollen pods. Larva yellow, solitary; inside of the gall lined with white mycelium.

host plants

Fabaceae, monophagous

Ononis minutissima, natrix & subsp. hispanica, spinosa & subsp. hircina + procurrens, talaverae, tridentata.


Asphondylia onondis: spatula

spatula with papillae (from Möhn, 1955a)


Asphondylia frauenfeldi Kieffer, 1909.


On the base of the Fauna Europaea (2010) this represents the first observation in Belgium.


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