Asphondylia verbasci (Vallot, 1827)

on Verbascum

Asphondylia verbasci: gall on Verbascum sinuatum

Verbascum sinuatum, Spain, prov. Barcelona, Santa Perpètua de Mogoda © Jordi Montobbio: galled flower bud

Asphondylia verbasci: gall and pupa on Verbascum sinuatum


Asphondylia verbasci: gall on Verbascum sinuatum

In this relatively old gall the layer of mycelium has turned grey


The flower buds are conspicuously swollen and do not open. The ovary is strongly enlarged; its inner wall is lined with a white mycelium. Larva usually solitary, yolk to brown yellow. Pupation in the gall. Bivoltine.

host plants

Scrophulariaceae, monophagous

Verbascum banaticum, blattaria, chaixii & subsp. austriacum, densiflorum, glabratum subsp. bosnense, lychnitis, nigrum, nobile, orientale, phlomoides, pulverulentum, pyramidatum, sinuatum, speciosum, thapsiforme, thapsus.


Asphondylia verbasci: spatula

spatula with papillae (from Möhn, 1955a)


Ischnonyx verbasci; Asphondylia dufouri Kieffer, 1902.


Trotteria bochkarevi.


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