Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Horidiplosis ficifolii

Horidiplosis ficifolii Harris, 2003


small, irregular blotch mines, usually several in a leaf. Young mines are pale green, but soon they turn brownish black. The solitary larva leaves the mine for pupation; the round, upper-surface exit opening is conspicuous.

host plants

Moraceae, oligophagous

Ficus benjamina, microcarpa.


BE to be expected.

NE observed (Harris & de Goffau, 2003a).

LUX to be expected.

distribution within Europe

Observed in the Netherlands, Denmark, the UK and Czechia on plant material that was imported from China and Taiwan. In Sicily found in a park situation.


young larvae are whitish; full grown they are orange red to orange-rose.


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