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Contarinia pulchripes

Contarinia pulchripes (Kieffer, 1890)

on Colutea, Cytisus, Genista

Contarinia pulchripes: gall on Cytisus scoparius

Cytisus scoparius, Denmark © Simon Haarder

Contarinia pulchripes: opened pod

opened pod with larvae; the five pear-shaped larvae probably are the parasitoid Systasis encyrtoides Walker, 1834 (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Pteromalidae).

Contarinia pulchripes: galled pod of Cytisus scoparius

Cytisus scoparius, Belgium, prov. Antwerp, Mechelse Heide © Carina Van Steenwinkel: galled pod

Contarinia pulchripes

upon disturbance the larvae jumped around actively and formed a dense clump

Contarinia pulchripes: aggregated larvae

here as well the larvae sometimes were accompanied by cf. Systasis encyrtoides.

cf. Systasis encyrtoides larva in cocoon

larva of cf. Systasis encyrtoides in cocoon.


Larvae in the pods that have some, c. 2 mm large warts, usually in the distal half; the inside of the pod is not lined with mycelium. Larvae gregarious,shining yellowish white; they can jump. Univoltine, hibernation in the soil.

host plants

Fabaceae, oligophagous

Colutea; Cytisus scoparius; Genista pilosa.


Diplosis pulchripes.


Parnell cites four species of Chalcidoidea of which the larvae occur as carnivores in the galls of C. pulchripes. About one of them, Systasis encyrtoides, he writes that the larva hibernates in a “siken cocoon” and pupates after the winter. Because in Chalcidoidea cocoons are a rare phenomenon, it is probable that this is the species of the non-cecidomyiid larvae in the pods.


see for the parasitoid: Noyes JS, 2015. Universal Chalcidoidea Database.


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